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  • 4 In 1 Original Korea Aqua Facial Machine

    4 In 1 Original Korea Aqua Facial Machine

    Aqua facial machine uses the pumps to make the water through the nozzle to impact of epidemic in high speed, with the rotation mode to friction the epidermis, the deterioration of aging skin cells will fall off. Self-healing function will make the skin rapid regeneration, at the same time, stimulate skin growth layer oxygen and blood circulation. Accelerate tissue development, promote collagen, elastin production, the skin becomes soft and delicate, elastic and shiny.

  • 3 In 1 Oxygen Facial Healthy Skin Machine

    3 In 1 Oxygen Facial Healthy Skin Machine

    What is co2 oxygen?

    Co2 oxygen takes its inspiration from natural hot springs known for inducing skin oxygen. By simulating this effect, co2oxygen triggers a body response that sends oxygen to the treated area. At the same time co2oxygen exfoliates the skin and creates an optimal environment for infusion of essential nutrients both during and after treatment. The ability to layer Radio Frequency induces collagen and elastin regeneration in the dermis layer, which leads to smoother and tighter skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Dermabrasion Aqua Facial Machine For beauty Salon

    Dermabrasion Aqua Facial Machine For beauty Salon

    Newest 6 in 1 facial skin care machine using h2 o2 generator make the purified water into hydrogen and oxygen ions water,the surface of the skin can produce H2 molecules,so that the water molecule cells can quickly penetrate the dermis. So as to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and whitening, give you a fresh face !

    By forming vacuum suction, micro air bubbles are mixed with nutritive medium, through a specially designed spiral tip directly works at skin, that can keep the micro bubbles touch skin for a long time, peel and rub off the dead cells at the superficial skin layers. With the vacuum suction, micro bubbles can remove any dirt and dead skin particles scars, blemishes, supply lasting nutrition to the skin, make skin more moisture and smooth.its very popular treatment for beauty salon .

  • Glow Skin O+ multifunctional Oxygen facial beauty machine

    Glow Skin O+ multifunctional Oxygen facial beauty machine

    Hydrofacial & oxygen jet facial machine uses oxygen under extreme pressure and water,takes tiny water drops, through spray-type to act on skin. It can penetrate nutrient components to pores and cracks of skin from the epidermis to dermis layer, then promote rebirth of cells, rapidly and directly supply rich nutrient for skin. Simultaneously, it can clear deep dirt in epidermis. Oxygen of extreme pressure and nutrient liquid can stimulate the rebirth of fiber tissue in dermis, make cells metabolism. So as to improve skin dark, yellow,  get good effect of wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation and etc.

  • Aqua Oxygen Dermabrasion Facial machine with skin analysis

    Aqua Oxygen Dermabrasion Facial machine with skin analysis

    The intelligent ice blue skin management system is to collect facial skin detail images through 10 million pixel high-definition micro-range camera combined with three-spectral imaging technology, through intelligent diagnosis and analysis of artificial intelligence core engine ,8 dimension fine items to detect skin problems, and according to the diagnosis results of private customized beauty care program and intelligent recommendation of professional skin care products; Combined with the techniques of” ultrasonic shovel knife “,” bubble “,” ultrasonic wave “,” gold radio frequency “,” ice repair “and so on, the six high configuration beauty functions comprehensively manage the skin, combine the results of AI skin diagnosis with skin care products and other skin care items, and develop a mufti-functional integrated equipment for skin detection and management.

  • 9 in1 Aqua Facial Diamond Peel Machine

    9 in1 Aqua Facial Diamond Peel Machine

    Multifunctional Hydro facial machine using vacuum suction mode controlled by intelligent process, through the combination of products and equipment, deep cleaning the skin and pores off horny, acne, blackheads and other impurities in very short period of time. And   improve the deep absorption of nutrition products, promote pores tightening, smooth skin, increase skin moisture, and make your skin whitening, moisturizing and good texture.

    Hydrofacial suitable all skin types,no invasive,No surgery,no downtime,give your healthy skin from within to outside.

    A technical picture for clinics about HydraDermabrasion , the celebrity-favourite facial to achieve and maintain healthy , it’s the only procedure that combines cleansing , exfoliation , extraction , hydration and antioxidant protection all in one . Improve wrinkles , foine lines , blackheads & acne.