2022 New Multifunction plasma pen 2 in 1 beauty machine flash and ozone plasma wrinkle removal skin rejuvenation

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The 2-in-1 plasma Beauty Machine consists of a flash plasma and an ozone plasma.

Golden handle function one of A flash plasma:facial lifting and firming, removing spots and wrinkles.
White handle function two of an ozone plasma: Anti-inflammatory sterilization, soothing and itching, metabolic pigment, regulating oil secretion • controlling oil and cleaning skin .Seven different probes can be replaced for allergic skin, acne, eczema, dermatitis and other skin.

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Laser-Free Plasma Treatment System to Erase Blemish on your Skin
- Spotless removes spots on skins such as freckles, granulation, moles and ages spots without bleeding nor scar
- Spotless leads to provide minimal risk of scarring by using a new revolutionary method for moles and skin lesions which may be visually unpleasant.
- By using high frequency radio waves (plasma energy), it vaporizes cells of the mole but minimizing the tissue damages from little to none.



Plasma Spotless -Non-surgical blepharoplasty device to improve the quality of the skin of the eyelids, skin wrinkles and body

- Immediate and permanent effect with one time treatment
- Reasonable Price - Reasonable cost compared to other expensive
laser equipment
- Minimal damage on skin texture
- No Downtime
- Removes small blemishes on your skin with RF (Radio Frequency)
- Precise Treatment and Less Pain
- Safe and Effective - Minimal-invasive, painless, no downtime

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