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Ultrabox 6 IN 1 Cavitation RF Slimmin... Ultrabox 6 IN 1 Cavitation RF Slimmin...

Ultrabox 6 IN 1 Cavitation RF Slimmin...

The machine adopts ultrasonic wave to achieve the anticipated result of removing fat, which is the Cavitation effect. By using the secure andnon-invasive fat-blasting acts on the adipose tissues, this machine shows a great technological progress and a new development of world fatdissolving technology. The Cavitation RF slimming machine could effectively blast the Cellulite. Focusing on high frequency acoustic waves, it produces the Cavitationeffect to blast the Cellulite, through creating tiny micro bubbles inside the fat cells which implode and cause the fat cell to become damaged, thereby releasing all its fatty liquids without hurting any other bodily tissues, such as blood vessels and lymphatic system. After that, the bodyrecognizes the damaged fat cells and liquids as toxins and then goes about removing them from body through lymphatic and vascular systems.In addition, our Cavitation system, not only blasts the Cellulite, but also accelerates the circulation and effectively promotes metabolism. What’smore, it can tighten skin and body, evoke the muscle energy. Meanwhile, maintain a youthful appearance. Our Cavitation system consists of host machine, ultrasonic wave treatment head piece,Bipolar/Tripolar treatment head piece and other spare parts. The host machine is equipped with 8 inches LED Backlight Liquid crystal displayand startup keys. LCD is not only for the settings, but also displays parameter and treatment times.