IPL Nd YAG Laser RF 3 in 1 Device

Short Description:

RF Theory:

RF is Radio Frequency, uses its unique adjustable technology, effectively control the exchange of the polarity, set up the best frequency. Because the skin tissue has natural defense to the electrode change, it will result in heating the collagen.The collagen will change its nature, enhance rebirth of the original fiber cell and reconstruction of the collagen, which will make the skin tight, smooth and tender.

ND YAG Laser Theory:

Nd yag laser erupt high energy in an instant, after absorbing the laser energy, the pigment in the tattoo broke instantly, then becomes tiny pigment group, finally get out from body with metabolism. Meanwhile, it also can do black doll skin rejuvenation treatment, using activated carbons unique characteristics, penetrate into pores, absorbing grease and dirt. Laser light stimulate the regeneration of dermal collagen and the shrink of collagen fibers, to reach a whitening, pigment lightening, pores shrinking and blackheads removal effect, making skin recover young.

SHR IPL Theory:

Perfect SHR (Super hair removal) core technology, using three-dimensional technology concept: energy+ width+ pulse waveform. SHR is an upgraded version of E light, which is faster than E light. OPT perfect pulse technology, the word may be relatively unfamiliar to most people, in fact, mainly in the OPT technology hardware and did a lot of improvement, the core is capable of precise control of each pulse, which make OPT in the therapeutic effect over the special significance of the above increase, especially in the freckle, hair removal, skin rejuvenation aspects

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Hair removal

pigmentation treatment
freckle removal

skin rejuvenation

skin whitening, acne treatment and vascular therapy.


wrinkle removal

skin tightening

skin lifting, face rebuild and contract large pores


all colors tattoo removal, spots removal

permanent makeup removal eyeline, carbon peeling,hollywood peeling treatment



1,Adopts the newest OPT(Optimal Pulse technology) SHR technology, it can continuously shot for fast hair removal,1 second emits 5 to 10 flashes, and you can slide the treatment heads on the skin very quickly back and forth, So fast and virtually painless.

2,All internal parts and machine rear cover adopts Stainless Steel Framework and Modular Design for more gorgeous results, long lift time and more stable working.Special designed cooling

3,stable working. Machine case with ABS materials for system ensures constantly working.

4,Imported True 3000W OPT super big power guarantee enough power input and assure more effective treatment and more longer working time.

5,OPT SHR Function and Normal IPLFunction(PR,SR,HR,WRAR with filters. Super large spt size for easier and faster body hair removal treatment.

6,The intelligent water temperature alarm system. Special technique, automatic energy adjustable system.

7,100% imported sapphire crystal of real -5'C more incomparable comfortable and safety

8. kinds languages for free choice, and we can design the needed language.

9,Instruction light: net imports of infrared indicator to spot more accurate treatment has greatly

10,enhanced point utilization, and cost saving Powerful energy: 2000mJ;

11,Perfect cooling system: semiconductor + air +water, good performance for long time working


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Treatment Effect

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European service center

We have an office located in Germany to provide good customer service for European clients. Training, visiting, experiencing, after-sale service are all available.

We have an office located in Germany to provide good customer service for European clients. Training, visiting, experiencing, after-sale service are all available.

We can offer you good German local service at a Chinese low price!


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