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Quality inspection at Christmas every year.

In the first week of December, in order to welcome the arrival of Christmas, Sincoheren Beijing factory also started product reorganization and quality inspection once a year. There are currently more than 50 skilled technicians in the Beijing factory, and each employee follows Self-produced products re-examine, test, and organize product materials.

Quality has always been the soul of beauty equipment, so the inspection of every accessory and the strict test of every production process are related to the quality of the final machine. All our machines will undergo strict quality inspection before shipment. Only to ensure that there are no problems,then will be sent to our customers.

The factory has a strict quality management system, because our products are precision beauty instruments. For laser and other instruments, workers must wear strict clothing and laser glasses. For the assembly of each instrument and each screw, there will be special Of workers conduct inspections to ensure that every step cannot go wrong

The director of the factory will take inventory of all products, which product has the highest sales volume, which product has the highest failure rate, which accessories need to be improved, etc., so that our products can better meet the market.

The factory now has a complete product line, and each line runs at high speed every day. Now our products mainly include diode laser, SHR IPL, Q Switched Nd yag laser, CO2 laser, Cavitation RF, Kumashape, Coolplas Cryolipolysis, hydo beauty, Emsculpt , HIFU, Oxygen, Pressotherapy, Plasma pen, etc.Among then,diode laser,SHR IPL,CO2 laser and Q Switched Nd yag laser approved by FDA and TUV Medical CE,other product also all have CE.

Quality comes first. Our customers come from all over the world. We hope that the products we produce can be delivered to every customer. We also hope that our products can bring good business to our customers.

Post time: Nov-23-2020