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Sincohren Christmas Promotion are coming,are you ready?

My dear customers, we are sincoheren company, a aesthetic and medical device manufacturer founded in 1999, and currently has branches in Germany, the United States and Australia. The last month of 2021 has come, and the atmosphere of Christmas is also growing. is the Christmas tree at home already dressed up?


Our company’s annual Christmas discount has also come, I hope our discount can bring you good luck.

Buying diodenlaser, EMS, Kumashape, Cryolipolyse machines, etc., you can get an aqufacial machine or Oxygen machine for free. In addition, many desktops have the lowest machines in this year’s history. Customers in the European Union can also get many machine consumables for free. Such as facial mask powder, antifreeze gelpdas membrane, etc,for more details,please consult our sales manager or can directly call us


COVID19 is still very serious at present, I hope you and your family can be healthy, happy, and Merry Christmas.

Post time: Dec-20-2021