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Things You Should Know About The Microneedling Treatment

What is Microneeding?

As we all know, the outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum, which is closely arranged by 10-20 dead cells without nucleus to form the skin barrier, prevent external foreign bodies from entering the skin and prevent external stimulation from damaging the internal tissue of the skin. The stratum corneum not only protects the skin, but also prevents skin care products from entering the skin to play a role.


Microneedle therapy is a new type of plastic therapy. A large number of fine channels can be established by using microneedle instruments to stimulate or treat the skin. With drugs and nutrients, it penetrates into the deep layer of the skin through channels to activate and repair all kinds of cells; Improve metabolism and microcirculation to solve various skin problems (wrinkles, water shortage, pigment, pores, acne, acne pits, sensitivity, stretch marks, etc.)

What is the function of Microneedle treatment?

Acne Removal 

Microneedle is suitable for the treatment of moderate and mild acne. It can be combined with drugs and moisturizers to inhibit sebum secretion and adjust water and oil balance. Combined with antimicrobial peptides, it can kill Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus aureus, so as to inhibit inflammation. It has a significant effect on closed acne.

Microneedles can also create a large number of channels on the surface of concave scars, so that biological growth factors and other active ingredients can directly act on the deep broken fibrous cells of the skin, promote collagen synthesis, regenerate fibrous tissue, reconstruct the deep reticular fibrous structure, and smooth concave scars.


Stretch marks, fat marks removal  

Some woman will have stretch marks on their belly just after giving birth. At this time, they can also use micro needles to remove them. The expanded stria cosmetic microneedle is a kind of transdermal drug delivery, transdermal absorption, giving full play to the high-efficiency and multi-functional functions of cell growth factors and drugs, and stimulating the local filling of new collagen. Through the artificial trauma of the micro needle, the expanded cosmetic micro needle starts the repair and regeneration function of the skin tissue itself, promotes the proliferation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, regenerates the skin from deep to shallow, and the lines become shallow and thin. In addition, fat lines and thin lines are caused by the rupture of skin collagen fibers, so they can be improved by microneedle treatment


Superficial wrinkles Removal 

Microneedle can remove superficial wrinkles and delay the process of early aging to a certain extent. This is because microneedle treatment will produce mechanical damage. After the skin is damaged, it will start repair, cooperate with growth factors and other nutrients to promote the synthesis of new collagen, so that the superficial wrinkles of the skin can be smoothed and promote the skin to recover young. In addition, microneedles can also be used for sunken wrinkles in the neck (especially on both sides of the neck), dry and rough neck and pigmented neck problems.


Whitening and lightening spots, brightening skin color

Microneedles can whiten and lighten spots, mainly because microneedles can give full play to the effects of cytokines and drugs through mechanical stimulation, transdermal administration and transdermal absorption, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and brightening the skin; Through the micro needle minimally invasive, start the skin’s own repair and regeneration function, promote the proliferation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and work together from inside to outside to make the skin naturally white, transparent, tender and smooth

It can improve the metabolic state of the skin in a short time, especially the microcirculation state of the skin, because the new skin tissue after microneedle is more abundant. At the same time, the nutritional effects of growth factors and epidermal cells can show that the skin is ruddy and looks better.


Precautions before and after treatment

Do not touch the treatment site with water or hands within 8 hours after the treatment (clean it within 8 hours); Three prevention and one prohibition shall be carried out during treatment: sun protection, dust prevention and anti stimulation (avoid spicy and irritating food); Smoking and drinking are not recommended during the course of treatment; Do not take sauna and other activities; During the course of treatment, supporting repair products can be used to accelerate repair; Work and rest rules; People with thin skin and slow recovery should prolong the interval between two treatments.

Severe scar constitution, poor coagulation mechanism and patients with vitiligo are prohibited;

It is forbidden for patients with severe hypertension, hyperglycemia and leukemia;

Those who have been engaged in outdoor work for a long time, used spot removers within and outside three months, accompanied with hormone dependent dermatitis, skin allergy period, skin virus infection, and those who cannot tolerate this treatment method should be used with caution;

Women avoid pregnancy, lactation and menstruation for microneedle therapy.

Post time: Nov-11-2021