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Top 10 Misunderstandings of Laser cosmetology

Misunderstanding 1 The laser has radiation, so you need to wear protective clothing

Many people who love beauty are worried that laser cosmetics will carry radiation, but when you walk into the laser center of the plastic surgery hospital, you will find that the doctors are actually not wearing protective clothing. Because the wavelength of the laser used in medical cosmetology belongs to the category of surgical laser, there is no radiation. The laser equipment used in the treatment is a high-energy laser with strong energy. Therefore, glasses of special wavelength and optical density should be worn during treatment. They are specially designed to protect our eyes, not for radiation protection.


Misunderstanding 2:There is only one type of laser treatment

Without consulting a doctor, most people would think that laser beauty is one of many beauty items, but in fact it is a category. Each large-scale beauty hospital has multiple laser treatment instruments, with different wavelengths and pulse widths, exfoliative and non-exfoliative, fractional and non fractional, which have different therapeutic effects.

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Misunderstanding 3:Laser aesthetics only needs one treatment that will have good results

Laser cosmetology is not the same as surgical plastic surgery. It does not bring about the beauty effect once and for all. Because skin aging is the natural growth process of humans, beauty does not stop people from aging. Therefore, people need to update their concepts before doing medical cosmetology. Laser freckle removal is not a problem that can be solved by one treatment. In general, laser freckle removal needs to be performed in clinical practice. 1 to 5 treatments, with an interval of about 1-2 months between each treatment


Misunderstanding 4: Pigmentation means treatment failure

Pigmentation is a common adverse reaction after laser treatment. Most experts believe that this phenomenon is secondary pigmentation after inflammation, which may be related to individual factors such as excessive sun exposure and dark skin after treatment. Pigmentation after laser freckle removal is a normal phenomenon. After treatment, try to avoid sun exposure. Oral vitamin C and topical hydroquinone can alleviate the pigmentation. Generally, it will subside after half a year.

So such as after diode laser hair removal treatment,nd yag laser tattoo removal treatment,CO2 laser treatment,you all need avoid the sun burn.


Misunderstanding 5: Laser device can completely cure melasma

After multiple treatments, laser can indeed have a good therapeutic effect on some spots such as freckles and age spots, but freckles are a disease closely related to heredity. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the possibility of recurrence after treatment is There will be; and some beauty seekers may relapse after senile plaque treatment. As for chloasma, laser is currently the most commonly used method for the treatment of chloasma. Although there is no guarantee of cure, most people who seek beauty are still effective.


Misunderstanding 6: Laser is non-invasive and can be done in a normal beauty salon

Laser cosmetology has high requirements for laser safety. But nowadays, many beauty salons also provide such services. From a safety perspective, it is better to go less.

Taking photon skin rejuvenation as an example, many people believe that photon skin rejuvenation is non-invasive and safe, and the effect of photon skin rejuvenation has a lot to do with equipment and doctor experience. The price of photon skin rejuvenation equipment on the market ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The difference is that the photon energy is different and the equipment stability is different. If the intensity of the strong pulsed light is unstable, it is easy to burn the skin at the peak of the light. Secondly, the parameter setting of the equipment is also very important. For the sake of safety, some people set the parameters very low, which is difficult to be effective. The most optimized is of course both safe and effective. Thirdly, laser beauty treatment varies from person to person, and is related to the patient’s skin color, past medical history, and major skin problems that need to be improved. These need to be judged by experienced doctors.


Misunderstanding 7: Laser tattoo removal, easy without leaving marks

Inspired by some exaggerated beauty agencies, many people think: “Laser removal of tattoos can eliminate tattoos and easily remove them without leaving scars.” But in fact, after the tattoos are done, they can’t be removed if they want to remove them.

For tattoos with lighter colors, there will be a little change after the treatment, and it will take a year and a half to be effective, which is particularly good. Color tattoos are removed by laser, and there are often scars. Before washing, check whether the tattoo is flat. If it feels raised, like a relief, it may leave scars. If the touch is flat, the postoperative effect is often better. In addition, the removal effect of tattoos of different colors is also different, because blue and green tattoos are not sensitive to light, and it is usually difficult to remove with laser.

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Misunderstanding 8: The younger the skin, the better

If there are freckles, chloasma, etc. on the face, laser can be used to make the skin tone more even, and wrinkles can be made smaller. However, the condition of the skin is not as good as the less wrinkles, natural skin is the best. The purpose of cosmetology is actually to improve the gloss of the skin and make people look healthy and refreshed, rather than simply pursuing no wrinkles and no traces. Before receiving medical cosmetology, consumers should find a doctor with a similar aesthetics to their own, and fully communicate the desired treatment effect and cost to obtain the most ideal result.


Misunderstanding 9: The skin becomes thinner after laser treatment

 First, the laser lightens the spots through selective heat, removes dilated small blood vessels, repairs light-damaged skin, and improves the appearance of the skin. The photothermal effect of the laser can make the dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers produce molecular structure changes, increase the number, rearrange them, and restore the elasticity of the skin, so as to achieve the effect of reducing wrinkles and shrinking pores. Therefore, not only will the skin become thinner, but it will increase the thickness of the skin, become firmer and more elastic, and become younger.

 It should be noted that early and poor quality laser equipment may make the skin thinner, but with the current technological update of laser equipment, the use of advanced first-class brand laser equipment will not cause skin thinning.


Misunderstanding 10: The skin becomes sensitive after laser cosmetology

Laser beauty treatment will reduce the moisture of the epidermis in a short time, or the stratum corneum will be damaged, or the exfoliative treatment laser will form crusts, but all the “damages” are within the controllable range, they will heal, and the newly healed skin It has a complete mechanism and the function of replacing the old and the new, so the scientific laser beauty will not make the skin sensitive.

 At the same time, you must pay attention to daily care after using laser beauty to ensure smooth and elastic skin.

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