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What is the best device for cellulite reduction and skin tightening?

Hello, if you want to have a model-like figure, but the skin is tight and full of charm, if you have just given birth to a baby and become bloated and loose skin, then you should not miss the following machine , Kumashape, a magical machine like LPG and Velashape



Kumashape features the revolutionary combination of infrared light  energies, bipolar radiofrequency, vacuum and roller massage. When these technologies work simultaneously, It can heat the connective tissue of fibroblasts to accelerate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers. It can also improve the blood circulation and lymph circulation to promote the metabolism. Both of which are very important for a healthy skin. It only takes 20 minutes for every treatment, a complete treatment takes about 8-10 times. After the full course of treatment, it not only can thigh cellulite reducing, but also have the good effect for the waist and buttocks shaping. The body curve will get better.Additionally, it can improve postpartum annoying stretch marks, and achieve beauty effect.



Cellulite removal

Body shaping and slimming

Muscle aches or atrophy Removal

Face and body skin tightening

Improve irregular adipose tissue after the liposuction surgery


Q:How does KumaShape work?

A:KumaShape uses RF to precisely target and heat fatty tissues within the treatment area. In addition, the vacuum and tissue manipulation evens out the skin to reveal a smoother figure.

Q:On what body areas can I be treated for Circumference Reduction?

A:With KumaShape, you can be treated on body areas such as the thighs and buttocks. The two applicators (KSmooth & KContour) on the KumaShape™ device are designed for large and small body areas; therefore, treatment is safe and effective.

Q:How quickly will I notice a change?

A:Gradual improvement of the treated area can be seen following the first treatment – with the skin surface of the treated area feeling smoother. Results in Circumference and Cellulite Reduction will be most apparent 6-8 weeks following the final treatment session.

Q:How many inches can I reduce from my circumference?

A:In clinical studies, patients report an average reduction of about 1 inch post treatment series. In clinical trials, the range of Circumferential Reduction was between 0.5-3 inches.

Q:How do I improve and maintain the KumaShape results?

A:Following your complete treatment regimen, it is recommended to get maintenance treatments periodically. Like all non-surgical or surgicaltechniques, results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Q:Is treatment safe?

A:CE cleared the device as safe and effective for all skin types and colors. Short term effects can include mild bruising or redness.

Q:What is the feeling during treatment?

A:Most patients claim that the treatment is pleasant, followed by a deep heating sensation beneath their skin.

Q:Does the treatment hurt?

A:Most patients find KumaShape treatments comfortable – like a warm deep tissue massage. The treatment is designed to accommodate your sensitivity and comfort level. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours post treatment. Your skin may also appear redder than usual for several hours.

Q:How will I feel after treatment?

A:It is normal to have an inner heated sensation for up to a few hours post treatment. In some cases, mild redness can be observed.

Q:What are the KumaShape advantages compared to other methods?

A:Our advantage is our technology. Today, there are no other methods available that include a combination of Bi-Polar RF, Infrared Light, Vacuum and Mechanical Massage like KumaShape, and no other method can guarantee the clinically proven results, efficacy and safety in 4 treatments as the KumaShape.

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Post time: Aug-17-2021