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What is the difference of IPL,OPT and DPL device?

First ,we need know the difference of laser and IPL LASER, it is the acronym of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which means: the light released by stimulated radiation, which fully explains the essence of laser.

In layman’s terms, laser is a kind of light with precise action and low diffusion when radiating: for example, when treating freckles, the laser only targets the melanin in the dermis, and does not affect water molecules, hemoglobin or the skin in the skin. Capillaries work  The photon skin rejuvenation, photon hair removal, and E light we often say are all Intense pulsed light. and its abbreviation is IPL, so many doctors directly refer to Intense Pulsed Light as IPL.

Unlike lasers, strong pulsed light is characterized by a wide range of action and greater diffusion during radiation.

For example, in the treatment of red blood streaks (telangiectasia), it can also improve the dull complexion and large pores. This is because the target of the strong pulsed light is not only the capillaries, but also the melanin and the collagen in the dermal tissue. The protein works.  In a narrow sense, laser is more “advanced” than intense pulsed light, so when doing freckle removal, birthmark removal, and hair removal, laser equipment is more expensive than intense pulsed light equipment.


Intense pulsed light technology is widely used. In addition to traditional IPL, more advanced intense pulsed light technologies such as OPT and DPL have emerged.


OPT is an upgraded version of IPL, it is the abbreviation of Optimal Pulsed Light, which means “perfect pulsed light” in Chinese. To put it bluntly, it is more NB in ​​terms of therapeutic effect and safety than traditional IPL (or photorejuvenation), and it can truly achieve the purpose of improving skin quality.

DPL is a high-end upgraded version of IPL. It is the abbreviation of Dye Pulsed Light, which means “dye pulsed light” in Chinese. Many doctors also call it narrow-spectrum light skin rejuvenation and precision skin rejuvenation. It is more accurate than IPL, and the treatment cycle is greatly shortened (new cover medium cover high-calcium tablets, one top five hot seeds), and can excite selected narrow-spectrum pulsed light in the 100nm band. This light contains melanin and oxygen. , Peak absorption of hemoglobin.

Assuming that the most effective treatment for red blood streaks is light with a wavelength of 500-550nm, and the wavelength of traditional IPL is 500-1200nm, the energy of these lights cannot be concentrated, and the effect will be much weaker; while DPL can be controlled at 500-600nm, the energy is concentrated, and the treatment The effect of red blood is greatly improved


The picture below is the very famous IPL, OPT and DPL machines on the market now


Lumenis M22


Alma Laser 360


Alma laser clear lift

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