Mini Kuma Shape Pro 5-In-1 Body Contouring Machine

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Mini Kuma Shape Pro 5-In-1 Device is focused on body shaping, reaffirmation and fat reduction.

a) Body molding: The aim is to reshape the body focusing on the problem areas. It also offers improvement of venous circulation, lymphatic drainage, stimulation of collagen and elastin.

b) Fat Reduction: It is reduced from 70 to 80% of cellulite.

c) Reaffirmation: By reducing the appearance of cellulite and breaking down the localized adiposities, the skin loses tone and becomes a little limp, a situation that is counteracted by this treatment.

Mini Kuma Shape Pro 5-In-1 Device adopts the multi-technologies of Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Infrared Light, Negative Pressure and Mechanical Roller.

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Technology 1: Cavitation

40KHz Cavitation technology in itself means that uses sound waves to break down fat cells. The Cavitation handle transmits concentrated levels of ultrasonic energy that target and destroy subcutaneous fat cells in the fat cell membrane. The fat is then dispersed into surrounding cells and recycled into proteins and glycerol.


Technology 2: 940nm infrared light

Infrared light (IR) has a direct and very positive effect on muscles and joints. IR increases the oxygenation in the cells and gives a warming effect, which leads to increase in the endorphin production that relieves pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. IR also strengthens the elasticity of the connective tissue and increases lymph and blood circulation. When treating the skin in, for example, the face with IR, clogged pores are opened, gray and glossy skin gets a new and finer luster.


Technology 3: Bipolar RF (radio frequency)

Bipolar RF makes water molecules in the fat revolve with high speed to produce friction and shock, and then triglyceride goes out from fat. RF energy with 1-10M could get to 4-15mm skin depth, which makes every layer get heat evenly. It regenerates collage and tighten the treated skin. This Bipolar RF makes the reconstructing fat cells connect more closely, stimulate the collagen re-grow and skin elasticity, avoiding flabby skin on the treated area after slimming treatment.


Technology 4: Vacuum massage

The vacuum sucks the target area into the space between the two rollers which are actually 2 electrodes, which makes the energy deliver deeper and more precisely. The vacuum massage also increases the blood circulation, which in turn leads to the release of fat from the fat cells. The massage further provides a result of skin tightening.


Technology 5: Mechanical roller massage

The mechanical roller massage works profoundly on densified connective tissues. The mechanical massage rollers enhance the skin's cell-generating activity, resulting in thickened fat deposits being drained.



  1. Face lifting and skin tightening
  2. Body shaping
    Face and neck wrinkle eliminating
  3. Eye black circles and eye bags removal
    Improving skin-metabolism to smooth skin
  4. Cellulite reduction
  5. Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation
  6. Facilitates fibroblast activity
    Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters
  7. Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen and nutrients
  8. Enhances blood circulation and increases oxygen dissociation from oxyhemoglobin.
  9. Increases metabolism of fat cells
  10. Improves skin texture


  1. Multi-functions meet all needs of different users.
  2. Multi-sizes hand pieces for different body parts, eye area, face, neck, arms, tummy, back, legs, thighs and shank, which make all corners of body could be treated.
  3. Mini-portable and removable; Do not take much space.
  4. Friendly LCD interface
  5. Easy to operate


Description Mini Kuma Shape Pro 5-In-1
Voltage 220-240V/50Hz,  100-130V/60Hz
Input power 750VA
Working Mode Pulse
Pulse width 0.5s-7.5s
LCD screen 10.4 / 8″ Chromatic Screen
Handpiece screen 1: 2.4inch + 2: 1.9inch
Safety checking Real time on line
Handpiece: 4pcs 1. Big vacuum+Massage+Infrared light for body * 1
2. Small vacuum+Massage+Infrared light for arm, leg * 1
3. RF (Infrared light) for face * 1, for eye* 1
4. 40KHz cavitation for body * 1
Treatment area 4*7mm, 8*25mm, 30*50mm, 40*60mm
Negative pressure 1. Absolute value: 80kPa -10kPa (60.8cmHg-7.6cmHg)
2. Relative value: 20kPa -90kPa (15.2cmHg-68.4cmHg)
Roller working mode 4 types
Rev of roller 0-36 rpm
RF frequency 5MHz
RF energy density Max: 60J/cm
Laser wavelength 940nm
Laser power MAX 20W
Cavitation 40Khz
Rated input power 750VA
G.W. 45kg
Packing size 69*63*51cm

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European service center

We have an office located in Germany to provide good customer service for European clients. Training, visiting, experiencing, after-sale service are all available.

We have an office located in Germany to provide good customer service for European clients. Training, visiting, experiencing, after-sale service are all available.

We can offer you good German local service at a Chinese low price!


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